Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello GoodBye Hawaii

In 2010 i will drink as much soda pop as i want
Thanks 2009 for holding me strong to my rsolutions.
This year i will not tan in the hawaiian sun.

photobooth photoshoot photogenic

Coloring hair job from a complete stranger turned out better then thought. 
But according to my peachy sister im a real mexican now. 
Damn the hawaiian sun for touching my skin
Step one to becoming blonde is complete. Thanks to Kylie. Mindys lovely roommate.
Tomorrow step two. Thanks to Morgan. 
Later in the week step three thanks to my lovely step mom and real hair stylist. 
I also bought a pair of thinning sheers. hopefully my last butch cut was just beginners luck or MaggieEliza is going to be a stress case yet again.
MaggieEliza wrote me today 
'Tonight at dinner i had a portabella mushroom burger instead of a regular burger...perhaps you are rubbing off on me kens.'
Brilliant just Brilliant. I love being roommates with Mag. 




Amanda Blank

Its funny how leaving some friends behind brings old friends back.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sheek geek

This article is quite funny.
If we are not allowed to use geek or nerd what do we use... expert in useless things? 
and what is cool? cool is relative.
give me a break mr. 4th grade science fair. 




okay caps are off.

Bella is like a caterpillar in a cocoon right now.


Sherlock Holmes is my boyfriend.
But Rachel Mccadams is crazy sexy.

blah dont mind me

Oh Lance

Lance Burton was tonight.
Aside from being the only magician i have ever seen, i think he was the best.
The man kept disappearing. Every act he was either on the opposite side of the stage or transformed into a woman. 
I think i know how this all works but i have convinced my mind otherwise to keep the fun in it. A child was picked to guest star in a disappearing act. and he disappeared. coming back a few minutes later out of the ceiling. 
I really wanted to find the child afterwards to ask where he went. I wonder if he was like Mel Gibson in what women want and hung out in the back with all the fancy women, picking cocktails and acting studley. 
Magic is like Woah.  
ps. no animals were killed in this show.


Monday, December 28, 2009

long gone

What if this movie was inspired by this song

Maybe that is the reason i love them both.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

weather whether

I am deciding whether to stay with blogger or leave for tumblr. 
My friend Ezra has inspired this.
also tumblr has an iphone app.
AND hundreds of gorgeous of themes to choose from. 


Gas station tales

The best thing about short hair is no shedding.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Loma

The smokey smell of freshly blown out candles makes me feel like christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Final

Another and probably the last Joseph update.

Today in the Aloha center he approached me asking if i was ready for the dance final.
I replied with, 'I guess as ready as possible!' 
He just gave me a courtesy laugh and said something about how excited he was. 
So i said, 'GREAT! have a good day!' 
As soon as he walked off Amy asked me why i was talking to him in such a strange tone.
I realized i was using my Childs voice with him.
You know the voice you use when praising a child..?
Your voice goes way up and your eyes get real big.
This is also the voice you use when you feel extremely superior to the person you are talking to. 
I never thought of my self as being superior to Joseph
After all he is just a normal human, like me.
But now im thinking that in the very very deep back of my head there is a feeling of superiority. 
Or maybe i just have no hope or respect for this boy. hopefully that is it. 
Good Luck tomorrow Joseph. ;)

The homework

Really do not want to do homeworks..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

The New

We played a version of risk in political science today.
I walked in late so i chose to be on the pink team,
but after pink starting loosing real hard i secretly switched to green
Matt was livid with this exchange.
oh well.
 pink ended up staying in the game the whole time but...
green won. so i got fifty extra credit points...
i <3 college

Me and this cherry MaggieEliza


Six papers
Four finals
One christmas party
One long flight

When i was younger this was my favorite movie.
I think it was my secret crush on JTT that made me completely crazy back then.

My mom called me today and told me that Bellas knee is out of socket.
Also she has to get seven teeth pulled.
She will be a gummer and she is only 3.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The update

I no longer have my computer.
Thanks to a harsh night in bed last night.
It is a good thing i go home to another computer next week.
So for now i am hanging out in the library a lot.
Miss you MaggieEliza. a lot.

Also Joseph emailed me again. 
I found out that he is cheerleader for the spirt squad.
These are his intelligent words today.

Class roster has 22 names but I only have 9 songs including mine? ? ? Give mi a call or text mi where I can pick up yo song or U can email it 2 mi 2day Wed 9th b4 9pm. C ya & gud nite.

(808)277 9365

I am still real confused with the mi's.
I hope he gets some calls from this second post about him.
Almost famous.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The time relevance

Time is always changing my mind
Word of the day fickle..
The third or seventh definition


The Roommate

MaggieEliza looking hip


107 girls are real great
I think it is safe to say our pod is the leading pod
Far fetched

The Dog

When i move back to the mainland
I am going to live in a house
and own dogs
three kinds
possibly four
and i will love them so much

And while they are puppies
I will love them 
and take them on daily walks
and teach them the smartest dog tricks

I will have one cat too.
It will be a good cat
One that likes to go on walks
and ride in cars
and is friends with the dogs

But of all the dogs that i will own
This peach will always be the best
Her brain has to be the size of a nut
But yet she is so smart
And she knows the smartest dog tricks

Also, Amy Hanson's dog is sort of cute as well

{thx weheartit}

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Genius Hair

Is there such a thing as genius hair? 
This would mean that genius minds are complemented with genius hair.
Hair that is outrageous, and left unkempt, naturally to go along with their brilliance and eccentric nature. 

Albert Einstein

Albrecht Durer

Ezra Pound

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Marie Antoinette


Mahatma Gandhi

I would not mind having genius hair.
It would be great to just roll out of bed and suddenly have brilliant hair.
Even when things go a little crazy, your hair is still the craziest.

The You Have To Become What You Fancy

Why do all the little things seem so important. 
Why are they the things you want or worry about most.
 Why are they the things you freak out about. 
Why is saying sorry afterwards so hard.
 Why is hearing the it's okay after the sorry so important.
Sentimental tune.

I want a light like this.

The Faceboob.

Facebook is back..

I am trying to decide if it is worth my time or not.
so for a few days, blog and faceboob. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Cyndi

Of all the artists Cyndi is the one i want to meet the most.

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Official Music Video) - The funniest movie is here. Find it

Some of my friends made a cover of time after time that is perfect. As soon as i get a copy of it i will see if i can post it. 

The Brilliant Writer

I received an email today that blew my mind.
When i first looked at it i thought it was spam in some bizarre html form.
After giving it a second glance i realized it was from a boy in my dance class who is doing the music for our final.
Here is what it said..

Pliz 4 those who need there music 2 b cut, if U can give it 2 mi 2day or 2morrow so that I can rip it over the weekend & we shall do the cutting 2gether most probably on Tuesday b4 practice & / or Wednesday btn 2:30pm - 4:00pm. 4 others who dont need theres 2 b cut, U can bring it on Tuesday - practice time. So then I shall b able 2 get everything ready by Thursday.
Thanks so much & have a great day. C ya


What is the language? this is not even colloquial language. this is pure stupidity.
Joseph next time remember that are you just a white mormon boy at byu. Not a black bad ass from the bronx.
Secondly the wrong form of the word, their. My biggest pet peeve in writing.
 It makes me eyes cringed and my ears ring.
Notice how he replaced the E in me with an I. i do not understand this. is he trying to say MY? or did he think the I was actually on the other side of the keyboard because after all they are in the same spot just opposite...
Numbers 4 words 2nd biggest pet peeve 4 all of u out THEY'RE reading 4rum mIIII.
Everything is the email is abbreviated. all except for half of the last sentence..why did he not abbreviate thx? or gr8? but he went to the effort of finding the & sign instead of simply typing and... it is possible that these abbreviations are far too complex for this brilliant writer. 

This is so embarrassing. I even thought twice before posting it on here because it is so repulsive. Why would anyone be okay with making themselves a fool like this? i think Joseph has sent one too many texts throughout his life time. The English language is becoming so distorted. this kind of talk compares to grunts and non-words in my mind. social order is dissolving.


The Cat O'meter

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Highlight

Things are starting to look up. I feel like i am reaching that point in the year when everything comes into focus. Classes are finishing up, papers are done and dusted, syllabuses are winding up and grades are coming to a close. I hope that this is not a teasing glimpse of happiness. That wouldnt be fair. But lets not dwell on unhappy schoolities. 

Sunday was a particularly nice day. It was my last day home for a few weeks. I had a pretty free day, however it also felt productive. I did some shopping with Jen, dinner with family, some movie watching, and a few last callooh callays. it was a lovely day and that has to count for something.

On the plane i came across a particularly amusing poem. However, i have already been told off once for saying it.  and i would not want to offend anyones, 'sensibilities'. It is pretty crude but in a good mood it makes you smile. 

But the highlight of my day was a conversation i had with an old friend.  The same memories that make me so sad make me so happy sometimes. But I am rather happy with the outcome of all those memories considering how different things were back then. Being home made me real excited to move back next spring. 

The Buy One Get One.

Thank you Prince for the song.
Thank you Tegan and Sara for making it brilliant.
I miss Cyndi. and fox.