Friday, April 29, 2011

the fish

Everyone should watch this movie

humanity has really lost it 
though its not my generation creating the damage, in a few years it will be and i believe we will only make it worse. im not sure if there is really a way to make a big difference, but i know there is a list of sustainable fish to eat here.

if youre reading this consider printing the list off and taking it around with you, it only takes a few seconds to ask where the fish you are eating comes from. 

you would never eat a cheetah or a wolf or a lion or an orangutan, so why would you eat a fish who is under the same circumstances? 

Spring Has Sprung

Summer is almost here according to school, but the weather seems thinks different. Im in the library right now taking a break from studying, so far this week i have had a chemistry exam and biology exam and a large math project due. this week is over for school, but i still have a biology final, english portfolio, math final, and chemistry final all on monday. its going to be a long day. but then im done! 

I think i did fairly well this semester, i had major winter blues for half of the semester and kind of let myself go, but im making up for it hopefully, now that the trees are budding and the lovely spring colors are emerging. 

Bella has been living in salt lake with me for the past month or so since my mom moved to chicago. things up here have been so wonderful since she came around. she is always happy to see everyone and brings such a great energy to the room. we all love her! plus she finally went to the dog dentist and got 8 teeth pulled and all of the remaining cleaned so its much easier to live with her, another plus, grace the brat is not here to bug everyone ;)