Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

im writing letters and making envelopes for all you lovelies right now
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Sunday, August 8, 2010


My blog has become extremely impersonal lately.. im so sorry. i guess i get nervous at the snakes lurking around on the web. but i have been lacking on my personal journal as well and my mind is forgetful and i dont remember this summer that well. so fall ill try to be better. 

Nobody seems interesting to me lately. I try hanging around new people but they always come off too strong. i dont know if its me or them now. anyway... i have spent a lot of time alone this month. i can count the lonely days and the sad ones but i realized lonely isnt always sad. plus i got two new pet rats to help my lonely days
Olivia-she is hairless and beautiful. when i bought her there was a tiny cyst on her eye that they said would go away. but after a week or so it grew huge.. so the other night i popped the rat zit! it was true horror, green goo and blood running down her face. shes doing a lot better now and seems so to have such a happier spirit. 
Leo is a tiny baby girl rat with black and white hair. shes so sweet and friendly. the first day she came home she had a serious sneezing problem so i looked it up and turns out baby rats sneeze when they are excited. 

They are almost impossible to take pictures of- but here they are