Wednesday, May 26, 2010

we had a family party

at the cemetery...and sent letters and balloons to paul!

next work is week

Since i have been home my job has been plasma.. but only five more days. five more days until the wonderful days of young life is over and i enter working life. i can say that i have not had a real job for a few years. i have stuck with house work for mother, driving around sister, writing a few articles in my bed, and giving plasma. 

The first time i gave plasma i fainted while doing so. the second time i was deferred for low red blood cells. the third time went okay. and the fourth i was placed next to a darker man who bluntly asked me if i was interested in black men. so i said 'no i am actually not' not completely true but i wasnt in the mood to make a new friend. however he kept talking to me asking me what religion i believed in. i told him none. and he said that was 'sick and wrong'... intelligent words. he never asked me what i believed but he did tell me how evolution cant be proven and nobody has ever witnessed evolution. also he didnt believe the big bang theory and thought that it was more plausible that a man named god somehow created the earth. Oddly he wasnt mormon. he believed mormonism was evil and he grew up as a muslim. i have no idea what he told me his name was but i completely love running across intelligent men like him. and the fifth-eighth times i have been deferred for low red blood cells.i really hate being deferred not because i cant donate but more because it feels like rejection and i hate that feeling. it feels like failure also because i have been taking so many vitamins and eating many many vegetables but STILL i am unhealthy. 

ALSO next week my favorite friend comes home! :)

lucky pair

I came across the best pair of black boots at the DI a few days ago. They were so perfect from a distance. they were lace up boots, not short but not high. a little faded and worn looking but still in good condition. thats about as much as i could see from where i was standing. when i went to get closer to grab and try on some girl came out of nowhere from the other side and and completely stole them...I stood there for a minute thinking maybe she would look and try on and they wouldnt fit, but she didnt even look at them really let alone try them on. she just threw them in her cart looked at me with a smile and went on her way. i was a little upset at her smile and i spent and embarrassing amount of time hunting the shelves for another good find with no luck. 

BUT today i went to visit my fathers house and sitting on the counter was a lovely pair of green oxford shoes that he decided to surprise me with. 

Friday, May 7, 2010


1. I moved back home to utah. its great to be at home. my one complaint is the weather is not so much spring weather and rather cold most of the time. jacket weather. 
2. I got a job! it found me though. and when i told my mother of it last night she told me no bueno... so now i guess i will start looking 
3. i have lost 7 pounds since i moved home! that equals about to be about 2 pounds a week but really probably 7 pounds in one week because for a while i was eating hemp hearts and drinking coffee every morning. then the coffee ran out and the hemp hearts got bland and i had no money to get more. but mother is home now so the kitchen will hopefully fill up again soon. ALSO she told me she was looking at treadmills! good news because she was always against them and i was always for them. 
4. Its really nice to have my own room and bed and bathroom but it gets kind of quiet around here during the days and i really miss maggie and marissa and alicia and devin at those times
5. I was so set on getting a bed a few weeks ago because its hard to see my tv with no bed so my mother, sean, and i went to ikea and got me a bed. but after 3 weeks it still sits in the box on my floor. hopefully ill get to it this week because right now all i can see is the negative on the tv.
6. I decided on the U for fall. 
7. I am on a new diet. whole foods diet, nothing processed. but its not going that well. im going to my grandmas house this weekend to grind some wheat for bread
8. I need to start exercising regularly