Wednesday, June 1, 2011

news this week

i have a terrible habit of deleting almost every post i write before i post it. i would post everything if i thought it was interesting but usually its pretty boring and i dont know how to start or end posts, only begin. so i have ten posts, ten that i just deleted, but i usually only write at work so luckily its not a total waste of time.

Sunday i brought three baby kitties and their mama kitty home for two weeks. im going to be their foster mom for the time so they are nice and cuddly when they are old enough to be adopted. they are darling! i am so in love with all of them. one is white her name is Shiloh or Milo. i dont know, it changes mostly everyday. but she is white and looks a little siamese. one is a calico color and she has been really timid, she doesnt have a name but sean made her his project yesterday so hopefully she will blossom soon. and the boy is black. we all call him blackie but i might name him Sylvester. hes a punk. and for the mama, she has a name i just forgot it so she is officially 'mama kitty' at the house. i never realized how stinky kitties are until now so im going to stick with dogs, but they are really great guests.
here are the babies eating

this is little shiloh/milo

Monday i went on a hike with sean, ezra and kate. we weren't prepared at all and it was really snowy and wet up there so we only made it about half way but it was okay because it was so beautiful and nice to be up in nature. on the way down we passed a group that was hiking with their llama, it was so scary and so funny.

Tuesday i went to mazza with dayna. we are trying to go to new restaurants when we go out, but the new ones are never as good as the old. mazza was alright, its middle eastern cuisine so i had a falafel sandwich. it was pretty well priced however sean and i made falafel sandwiches last week at home and they were delicious and so much better than mazza's version.

Wednesday i have just taken it easy at home because for the next two days and two nights i will work 37 hours. sounds terrible! all of my favorite friends at work are out of town as well so its going to be mad boring. plus i dont get to go home to salt lake until friday night so i will miss the mister so much. but to pass the time ill try to blog everyday, ill try to take pictures of something fun i do at work or a picture of JoAnas cute smiling face every morning :)

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