Thursday, June 2, 2011


a few days ago was my little sisters 6th grade graduation. to me it is absolutely insane that she is already going into jr. high. while looking around at all the little misters and misses i couldn't help but notice how pumped they all were to be leaving elementary, my sister included. i wanted so badly to remind them to embrace their young age because school only gets more awkward and terrible each year. i wanted to tell all of them to listen to their older siblings and especially their parents because looking back they were always right, always. i want to tell them to think ahead and be kind to everyone. so good luck miss mckell! i hope you have the best experience possible.

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Katia said...

Whenever I see elementry students I think exactly the same thing! Growing up I always wished for an older stranger to come warn me about the future. But no one did and I turned out pretty good.. i think :P
Anyways! Good luck to your sister!