Monday, March 29, 2010

love is love is love

i love feeling in like
i love love

pop battle

The other day on the bus marissa and i were debating whether britney or madonna was the queen of pop.
we both agreed britney.
madonna came first but britneys music is much more grove pop and probably more popular too.
every britney album amazes me
i will always love britney first
but like a prayer is wonderful

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Justin babay

One reason why you would not want to live in my hallway this time of year.
Marissa and Devin play this ALL the time
And secretly i think they are rubbing off on maggie because shes starting to play it too

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dog days vs. cat nights

This is double dip worthy

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lovelier words

Ailurophile A cat-lover.
Becoming Attractive.
Brood To think alone. 
Bungalow A small, cozy cottage.
Chatoyant Like a cat’s eye. 
Conflate To blend together. 
Cynosure A focal point of admiration.
Dalliance A brief love affair.
Denouement The resolution of a mystery. 
Dulcet Sweet, sugary. 
Effervescent Bubbly
Efflorescence Flowering, blooming.
Elixir A good potion. 
Eloquence Beauty and persuasion in speech. 
Embrocation Rubbing on a lotion. 
Epiphany A sudden revelation.
Erstwhile At one time, for a time. 
Ethereal Gaseous, invisible but detectable.
Evanescent Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time. 
Evocative Suggestive. 
Fetching Pretty. 
Furtive Shifty, sneaky. 
Glamour Beauty. 
Harbinger Messenger with news of the future. 
Inure To become jaded. 
Ingenue A na├»ve young woman.
Labyrinthine Twisting and turning. 
Lagniappe A special kind of gift. 
Lilt To move musically or lively. 
Lissome Slender and graceful. 
Lithe Slender and flexible.
Love Deep affection. 
Mellifluous Sweet sounding.
Nemesis An unconquerable archenemy. 
Offing The sea between the horizon and the offshore.
Opulent Lush, luxuriant. 
Panacea A solution for all problems  
Petrichor The smell of earth after rain. 
Plethora A large quantity.
Quintessential Most essential. 
Ratatouille A spicy French stew.
Ravel To knit or unknit.
Redolent Fragrant. 
Sempiternal Eternal.
Serendipity Finding something nice while looking for something else. 
Summery Light, delicate or warm and sunny. 
Sumptuous Lush, luxurious. 
Surreptitious Secretive, sneaky.
Susurrous Whispering, hissing. 
Talisman A good luck charm.
Tintinnabulation Tinkling.
Wherewithal The means. 
Woebegone Sorrowful, downcast.