Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long Time Gone

Its been awhile since i last wrote so ill give an update post and then a few better posts to come shortly!

I finally finished fall semester at the U. I really have loved it. its a much better fit for me than BYUH. although i do really miss the girls from hawaii. I decided im going to go into nursing. its a bit of a change but i think it will be really excellent. so ill start my prereqs next semester and go from there.

I moved to a new apartment closer to school that is lovely, plus my best friend lives in the door next to me :) the downfall is im having a hard time getting all moved in and situated because of maintenance. but once its all finished it will be awesome and ill post some pictures when the time comes.

I got a new job working at a home with Autistic girls. im getting more used to it and its sinking in a lot more. but its definitely better than kneaders. Dayna and Berklee work there as well so its good to see my best girls more often. i miss them up in salt lake.

Ive been feeling in a rut for the past few months. im not sure what its from so thats a big factor in me moving and changing jobs. I also changed my hair style and i feel like that has helped me a lot. im not sure what is causing it because i feel content with most things in my life, i guess something is missing. im hoping the break in school and getting to spend more time with my family will help me figure it out.

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